The Weekend Pack

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Complete with all three flavours, this pack is perfect for those looking to blow off some steam during the weekend or celebrating an upcoming occasion.

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Recommended Usage

Product Description

Recommended Usage

  • Shake well and drink the entire 60ml of the bottle as your last drink of the night/before bed
  • Wake up feeling fresh with no hangover
  • For best results store bottle away from direct sunlight or in refrigerator

Hangover tip : Eat well and drink adequate water for the best results.


Each 60ml bottle of Morning Fresh contains Silk Protein Hydrolysate, Vitamin C, Mulberry Leaf Extract and approved preservatives.

Nutritional Contents

Nutritional information per 60 ml

Energy 5.7 kcal
Protein 1420 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg
Carbohydrates 0
Fat 0
Minerals 0
Can I drink Morning Fresh before I start drinking alcohol?

For maximum results, we recommend drinking Morning Fresh only after you are completely done drinking/before

If I forget to take Morning Fresh at night, will it work if I take it the next morning?

Morning Fresh needs to be taken as the last shot of the night to ensure it can rapidly break down the
alcohol and flush it out, before it has a chance to damage your liver. Taking it the morning after means prolonging
the opportunity for liver damage in the system.

Will I sober up instantly if I take a Morning Fresh?

Morning Fresh supports the liver to rapidly break-down alcohol and flush it out of the
system. This is a natural formulation that helps the body perform to it’s natural capacity and does not result in instant sobriety and is more focussed on ensuring you wake up fresh and healthy the morning after.

Can I mix it with alcohol?

Morning Fresh cannot be mixed with alcohol and is meant to be taken as your last shot of the night. It can be
consumed directly from the bottle or when poured into a clean glass. If you like, you may chase it with some
water. Drinking alcohol, aerated drinks or juices after might reduce effectiveness of product.


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